As an illustrator over the years there was a lot of call for illustrations for use in adverts and brochures.
General illustration covers all forms of media, here are some samples of my artwork, including watercolour, pencil, pastel and oil paint. Also landscapes and portraits both oil and watercolour.
David Foden is an artist who studied & trained in Manchester, he works as a freelance illustrator, and is a member of The Society of Architectural Illustration (UK). His specialization is architectural watercolour illustration, with over 25 years experience, and 10 years producing CGI photo realistic renderings.
Both the water colour and the digital renderings, demonstrate an architectural accuracy and understanding of the subject. Styles include: tight photo realism through to loose washy impressionistic sketches.

The traditional WATER COLOUR is done on handmade water colour paper and scanned, giving you a high res .jpg, and CGI is supplied as high res .jpg or .pdf to suite your needs. David Foden also produce high resolution CGI’s Both interior and exterior projects.